Balance Yoga is the Premier Yoga Studio in Lakeway, offering vinyasa yoga, fusion flow, yin yoga, guided meditation


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Celebrating 7 Years as Lakeway's Premier Yoga Studio


Balance Yoga is located in the heart of Lakeway at the corner of Lakeway Blvd and 620. Hot yoga, meditation, yoga store


Balance Yoga is a locally owned and operated world-class yoga studio, featuring state-of-the-art climate control in a sunny and spacious studio large enough to hold 40 yogis, but small enough to make any size class personal and intimate.

The bamboo floors are warm and inviting, and large windows form two of the four walls in the studio, flooding the room with sunshine.

The climate control allows the instructor to properly heat the room (from 80 - 105) and precisely control humidity - appropriate to the style of class being taught.

Music fills the studio, lobby and lockerrooms - a reflection of the instructor's playlist for the day. Instructors bring their own personality and vibe to every class within the structure and framework of the unique Balance Yoga approach.

Lockerrooms feature showers and some complimentary toiletries, and plenty of room for changing and storage so you can get ready for your day here, right after class. .

BALANCE YOGA'S MISSIONBalance Yoga is committed to grow the yoga community in the Lake Travis area and offer many yoga styles

Balance Yoga's mission is to strive to provide the best, most professional yoga experience in Austin, catering to both beginner and expert-level yogis alike. Balance Yoga works to develop, nurture and support the growth of a yoga community in Lakeway and Austin that is strong, passionate, healthy, happy and inclusive. Our instructors will be encouraged to demonstrate their unique personalities while maintaining the highest standard of excellence and continuing to learn and grow in their own education and experience as yoga practitioners and teachers.


Balance Yoga was founded in 2009 by Nani Bacon and her husband, Bart. Nani was trained by Core Power Yoga in Denver, CO, where the Bacons lived at the time. Visiting Lakeway in the mid 2000's, Nani was frustrated by a lack of yoga in the area, and had wanted to open a studio of her own. Relocating to Austin to open Balance Yoga, the first class was on January 18, 2010, and included several new students that are still members and friends of Balance today.

Through the years, Balance has grown while maintaining a singular focus of providing the best yoga environment in Austin, and we have worked hard to nurture the growth of a passionate, knowledgeable yoga community here in the Lake Travis area. This community was, and is, the focus of the passion of this studio and Nani and Bart continue to live here in Lake Travis.

Aside from our regular menu of classes, Balance Yoga has also offered special programs for kids, for high school students, workshops in a variety of disciplines, yoga sculpt with weights, restorative yoga and more, We will continue to add styles and programs that make sense and serve the community. If you have a suggestion, please don't hesitate to let us know.

Now we enter a new era, as we introduce Guided Meditation and a more mindful, holistic approach to life, health and happiness, but yoga is, and will always be, the central core of who we are and what we offer. Thank you for supporting Balance Yoga and this incredible yoga community.

Final savasana, complete with cool,  damp lavender face towels

Balance owner, Nani Bacon (right), with studio manager and Balance instructor since spring 2010, Melissa Afflerbach (left)

Sunny studio with bamboo floors, lots of windows, professional and knowledgable staff of instructors


Balance Yoga is locally owned & operated. Our owners and staff are invested and involved in this community...just like you.


Balance Yoga is located in the heart of Lakeway, minutes from anywhere in the Lake Travis 620 corridor.


Balance Yoga offers many styles of yoga, with many opportunities for beginners and lifelong yogis, and the only guided meditation in the area.


Our instructors are Yoga Alliance Certified, and the studio features state-of-the-art climate control for optimal control of conditions.

1010 Ranch Road 620 South • Suite 100 • Lakeway TX 78738 • 512.263.8794 •

Balance Yoga is conveniently located in the heart of Lakeway on the SW corner of RR 620 South and Lakeway Blvd.

HOURS OF OPERATION: Our lobby is open & staffed 20 minutes before and aftter each class.  Check schedule for times on a given day. Doors are locked during class times.