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Nani Bacon Balance Yoga Owner

Nani Bacon
Balance Yoga Owner and Yoga Manager
Although born and raised in Texas, Nani's yoga journey began in Denver, CO, with CorePower Yoga. An avid student since the late 90's, Nani felt a passion to spread the joy and enlightenment she gained from her practice to others. Trained and certified by the original CorePower founders, Nani's enthusiasm and love for yoga and for her students was contagious, and in 2009, she was named "One of Denver's Fitness Stars" by the Denver Post. Nani is certified in Hot Yoga, Power Yoga, Hot Power Fusion, Sculpt, and multiple advanced certifications, including her favorite - an intensive training program in Hilo, Hawaii in 2006. Her final classes in Denver were packed with over 40 students with many having to be turned away, as tears, hugs and parting gifts filled the studio. Sad to leave, but excited to bring that passion back home to Texas, Nani is very excited to help grow the burgeoning yoga community here in the Lake Travis area. As owner of Balance Yoga, Nani continues to seek out and participate in advanced training programs and bring that knowledge back to Balance.

Melissa Afflerbach

Melissa Afflerbach
Texas born & raised, Melissa has been a continuous student of yoga since 2004 and has been guiding students as their teacher through the beauty & flow of many different styles of yoga. She started her journey in the heated rooms of Bikram yoga which led her to explore the benefiting yoga world & has been hooked since! Melissa completed her 200 hr under the International Yoga Federation in Salt Lake City, Utah, where she is certified to teach 7 styles of yoga; Vinyasa Flow, Power Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Yoga Integral, Restorative Yoga, Artistic Yoga, and Traditional Hatha Yoga. In 2010, She completed her Level 2 Advance Power Vinyasa training with Core Power Yoga in Denver Co. Building confidence and inspiring others through her passion for yoga and contagious positive energy, Melissa brings a fun-loving, easy-going, and ecstatic experience to each of her classes. Melissa’s passion revolves around holistic health, nutrition, fitness & being a mom. She enjoys trying local foods, traveling, drinking a good cup of coffee, and spending time with her husband & her two sweet baby girls!

Mindy Benson Mindy Benson
Mindy is a recent graduate of the Corepower Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training Program. Her yoga journey began in 2004 while living in New York City. She fell in love with the heat, the postures, and the way she felt after each class. In a matter of months she was practicing everyday and working at the yoga studio. She has been fortunate to practice at a vast array of studios worldwide and brings this experience to her teaching. Mindy is thrilled to be a part of the Balance Yoga family and looks forward to guiding you in your yoga journey.
Amanda Lorimer Amanda Lorimer
Amanda came to yoga seeking something more important than just a workout and was—and continues to be—exhilarated by the practice. Her path to teaching took her to CorePower Yoga, where she is proud to have been trained and certified. Her teaching approach is to challenge her students to find their healthy edge, to allow themselves to let go of what they do not want and welcome what they do … guided by concious graceful breath. Her goal for every class is that her students emerge feeling refreshed, stronger, more confident, connected, and balanced.
Emma Purvis

Emma Purvis
"Wherever there is ruin there is hope for treasure." – Rumi
It turns out tearing your ACL skateboarding isn't all that bad. That's what it took to introduce me to my love of yoga. An entire shift began with that apparent misfortune and it led to great treasure indeed! As an extreme sport enthusiast yoga never appealed to me. I thought it seemed too slow and boring. My dear friend, Natasha McRee, suggested that I take a yoga class with her in an effort to rehabilitate my knee (yoga saved her back). How grateful I am for her suggestion and for the lessons that have unfolded with the unfolding of my yoga mat, not to mention a solid knee!

Someday I plan on doing a headstand at The Giant Causeway in Ireland. In the meantime, I will do headstands just about anywhere. Let's do them together!

Alex Stettler

Alex Stettler
Alex was a competitive dancer throughout highschool and college, but after graduating and having to get a "real job," she had a hard time sticking to gym/workout routine. Knowing that she needed to find an activity she loved as much as dance in order to stick to a workout plan, she stumbled into a Corepower Yoga class in Huntington Beach, CA. Thinking that yoga would probably be slow, boring and not challenging enough, she was pleasantly suprised to find the exact opposite, and quickly became addicted. Soon, yoga became much more than just a workout, and Alex completed a 200 hour teacher training course in April 2011. She is thrilled to be part of the Balance Yoga family in Austin, and loves to share her passion for the practice with students of all levels.

Kylie Clayborne Kylie Clayborne
My love for yoga started with a teacher that I met in 2004. I was inspired by her courage and promised to try a class. After the first week, I was hooked and practiced for 4 years before going to Yoga Yoga here in Austin to receive my 200 hour teacher training certificate. I originally found my love of yoga through the hot series, and decided to take the hot yoga training at CorePower in Denver, CO. I am a perpetual student of yoga and love learning from other teachers. The most rewarding part of teaching is being a witness to the transformation of students on physical and emotional levels! One day I hope to visit the birthplace of yoga in India.
I grew up in a small town in Oklahoma but have lived many places over the years. When I am not teaching or practicing you will find me working as a domestic engineer, playing with my son, husband and dogs or studying Anthropology.

Tracy Morelli
Tracy’s personal Yoga practice first began in 2001 when she started making health and wellness a priority in her life. She felt the benefits immediately both on and off the mat and soon realized that Yoga was not just about being flexible.  Tracy fell in love with the balance, strength, and clarity that Yoga brought her.  Ten years later after a life-changing experience, she decided to pursue her dream to become a certified Yoga instructor.   She received her 200-hour training from Yoga Yoga in Austin, TX.  She believes in the power of the mind-body connection and the importance of breath and alignment.  Tracy’s approach to teaching is a reflection of her personal style and she brings a light-hearted and playful energy to the class.  
Tracy grew up outside of Houston and moved to Austin in 1995 to attend The University of Texas.  She now resides in Dripping Springs with her husband and their three dogs.
When not on the mat, Tracy enjoys spending time with friends and family.  She is also a runner, cross-fitter, farmer’s market frequenter and lover of the outdoors, gardening, music, traveling, cooking, reading, good food, and good times.

Karen Broaddus Karen Broaddus
Karen is a native Texan and seasoned traveler. She's been an Austinite since 1994 and graduated The University of Texas at Austin in 2000 with a degree in teaching. After teaching 5th and 3rd grade for 4 years, she moved to San Diego and married her husband Jeff. Karen is a busy Mom of 2 girls and enjoys freelance photography, listening to and attending Austin's live music scene, and practicing Yoga regularly. She came to Balance Yoga as a student in January of 2011 and has continued here with a steady practice. She completed her 200 hour Yoga training with Giocanda Yoga here in Austin and is excited to share the vitality and peace that is Yoga with the Lakeway community. After experiencing her own transformation, she firmly believes that by maintaining a regular Yoga practice, not only will you will feel healthy and happy, but you will be able to live life to your fullest and brightest expression. She looks forward to seeing you on the mat.
“Yoga is a light, which once lit, will never dim. The better your practice, the brighter the flame.” B.K.S. Iyengar
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At Balance Yoga, we strive to find the best, most qualified, most supportive and enthusiastic instructors in Austin. All of our instructors are certified with the Yoga Alliance, and bring professionalism, experience, and positivity to the studio every day. ]

Most of our instructors have been with us since we opened, some were students with us then trained and came to work with us. All buy in to the idea of Balance Yoga as more than just a yoga studio, but more of the hub of a growing yoga community.

All have their own styles and strengths, but you can come to any class at any time at Balance Yoga and know coming in that your instructors - although individuals - will share a similar philosophy and approach to teaching yoga and supporting and helping students in the Balance style.

Try them all... you can't go wrong!










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