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Balance Yoga Class Descriptions

Balance Yoga 1 – Introduction to Power Vinyasa Flow Yoga. A great class for beginners, Balance Yoga 1 is a Vinyasa yoga done in a warm (not hot) environment, with a slower-paced flow than Balance Yoga 2. Postures are broken down and demonstrated, and instructors lead the flow at a deliberate pace with an emphasis on alignment and breath. An interactive class, students are encouraged to ask questions and explore the postures as they are ready. A great place to start your yoga journey on the way to achieving complete "Balance" in your practice.
B1 classes are taught in an unheated room.
Who's it for? Everyone! Come here first if you are new to yoga. Also great for power yoga lovers who prefer no heat.

Balance Yoga 2 – Open Power Yoga is a truly unique yoga practice based on intuition rather than tradition. A heated, climate controlled Vinyasa flow practice, Power Vinyasa Flow Yoga heals, detoxifies and exhilarates the body and mind with emphasis on movement, balance and intention. A great class for students who are ready to take the next step in their journey, Balance Yoga 2 connects the body to the mind and spirit through intense flow and Ugai breathing techniques, helping students achieve "Balance" in their practice and in their lives.
Room is heated to 98 - 100 degrees, so warm, but not as hot as the Hot Yoga or Hot Power Fusion classes.
Who's it for? Although anyone is welcome in any Balance Yoga class, this class caters to the intermediate and advanced yogis and yoginis. The pace is faster, the class is more strenuous, and the general level of experience in the room is higher than most other classes.

Open to all levels from beginners to advanced students, Balance Hot Yoga is a demanding series of postures performed in a precise order, in a room heated between 100 and 105 degrees. This class systematically works the entire body, concentrating on the essence of every organ, bone, joint, muscle, ligament, tendon, blood vessel, nerve and gland. Incorporating strength, balance, and flexibility, CorePower Hot Yoga teaches students how each pose stimulates the mind, restores and shapes the body. This class is available in a 90, 75, and 60 minute format.
Who's it for? Everyone! Hot yoga moves at a slower pace than power yoga, and allows ample opportunity to learn for new students, and to go deeper than ever for the experienced.

This class combines the traditional 26 Hot Yoga postures with other Hatha Yoga postures. Students will receive the benefits of a Hot Yoga class with further hip opening, upper body strengthening and core strengthing benefits. This class will appeal to the traditional Hot Yoga student who is looking to deepen their yoga practice. All levels, including beginners, are welcome and will find this class accessible.
The class is taught in a room heated to 100 - 102 degrees.
Who's it for? Everyone! Beginners will find this class a great way to learn and further their practice, and advanced students will find limitless opportunities to strengthen and deepen their practice.

A gentle, restful yoga designed to target the whole body while releasing stress, unblocking emotion, improving circulation, and promoting balance. Each class will bring awareness to the mind and body using the breath, gentle asana (poses), and meditation. By bringing the body into a "blissful" state, the body can engage to its ability to heal and rest. This class is great for those who struggle with injuries, depression, sleep deprivation AND also for those who just simply want to enjoy a blissful, relaxing class! This class is taught in an unheated (80 degrees) studio.
Who's it for? Everyone! This class is very relaxed and meditative - a great way to relax, recover, refocus and heal.

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1010 RR 620 South, #100
Austin, TX 78738

SW Corner of Lakeway Blvd and 620 (see map)
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