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What should I wear to yoga class?

You need to wear clothes that stretch or allow a full range of movement. Some poses require you to be bent over or somewhat inverted, so many prefer form-fitting clothes that will not hang too far from the body. Also, wicking materials are best, as cotton will absorb sweat and get quite wet. Balance also sells a full selection of yoga specific clothing. You will be asked to remove your shoes before entering the studio, so no footwear is needed.

What should I bring to yoga class?

You will need a mat for sure. At Balance, we will loan you one for free at your first class. After that, we rent mats for $2. We also sell mats in a variety of styles and price ranges. You will also need water. Bring your own bottle, or we sell water bottles for $1. Although we have water fountains outside the studio, coming and going from the studio to get water is discouraged. Please have your water with you in class. Other than that, some bring towels to put on their mats to absorb sweat and keep the mats from getting slippery. Some bring hand towels to dry sweat during the class. The main things, though, are a mat, water, and a great attitude! Blocks and straps are readily available for use in the studio as well.

What class is best for me and my level of experience?

Although anyone is welcome in any class, we strongly suggest beginners try a L1 class first. That will introduce you to the poses, and the instructors are very hands-on as they help you learn. The Heated Fusion Flow classes are okay for beginners too, but the room is heated and the flow a bit quicker. The L2 Power Vinyasa classes are geared to the more experienced yogi, and will be paced quicker still, with more strenuous movement, and opportunities for inversions and deeper expressions of poses. Yin Yoga is great for all levels, and features a slower pace with longer holds. Ageless Yoga is geared for the older yogi, but is a great starting spot for anyone who seeks a slower, more deliberate pace.. For more detailed information, visit our Class Descriptions page..

Do you have shower and locker room facilities?

Yes. We have showers and toiletries available, as well as towels for rent ($2) for showering. We have cubbies in each locker room to stow your clothes and belongings during class. There are no locking lockers, however, but the studio is locked during class with no access to the lobby, studio, or locker rooms while class is in session. If that is not secure enough, you may wish to leave valuables locked in your car.

How early should I arrive for class, and what if I am late?

You need to arrive early enough to comfortably change clothes and find yourself a spot in the studio before class starts. Many people like to get focused and acclimate to the studio for at least a few minutes prior to class. If you are a first time student and need to fill out your paperwork, we recommend a minimum of 10 minutes early. If you are late, the doors will be locked, and you will not be able to enter the lobby. Please do not attempt to enter the studio from the back parking area while a class is in session.

Should I pre-register online to hold my place for class?

Generally speaking, this is not necessary. Sometimes, we do have special classes, such as on holidays or for special occasions. When we hold those classes, they are advertised, and they usually fill up completely. In those cases, you should pre-register. At this point, however, you don't usually need to pre-register unless you just want to do so.

Why can't I purchase any discount packages or a Free Week online?

Our discounted and special price packages (Free Week, First Timer Special, Happy Hour, First Month of Membership, Discounts for teachers, etc.) are available in the studio only. This is to simplify the administrative elements of those transactions and to validate eligibility for those packages.

Where exactly is Balance Yoga located?

Balance Yoga is located at 1010 Ranch Road 620 South, Suite 100, Austin, 78734. Although the street address is Austin, the studio is actually in Lakeway. We are at the SW corner of Lakeway Blvd and 620, in a white, 2-story building below the American Bank Building. If you are driving north on 620 from the Galleria area, and you get to the light at Lakeway Blvd, you have gone too far. The entrance is on the left, just south of the light at Lakeway Blvd. If you are coming south on 620 from the Mansfield Dam area, as soon as you go through the light at Lakeway Blvd., turn right into the complex entrance. We are on the first floor, south end, of the building below American Bank.

I don't have yoga gear. Do you sell or rent it?

We have a large yoga boutique that carries many of the top brands of yoga gear and apparel. You can buy anything you would ever need for your practice here, as well as deck yourself out with the most stylish selection of clothing available in the area. Additionally, we also rent mats if you don't want to purchase one (free rental for first class!). In the studio, we have blocks and straps available for use at no charge during classes.

Hot hot is it in the studio?

The temperature in the studio varies from class to class, depending on the style of yoga being taught. The Power Vinyasa L1 beginner class is unheated and the ambient temperature is usually about 85. The Power Vinyasa L2 classes are typically 90-95. For Heated Fusion Flow, typically 99 - 102.

What about hydration with the heated studio?

We suggest you hydrate as part of your normal dietary intake, but especially on the day before and in the hours before your class. Drink more water than usual leading up to your class, and make sure to bring water to class as well.

If you have other questions, please don't hesitate to call or send an email. We will answer your questions right away!  Back to top.


Balance Yoga is locally owned & operated. Our owners and staff are invested and involved in this community...just like you.


Balance Yoga is located in the heart of Lakeway, minutes from anywhere in the Lake Travis 620 corridor.


Balance Yoga offers many styles of yoga, with many opportunities for beginners and lifelong yogis, and the only guided meditation in the area.


Our instructors are Yoga Alliance Certified, and the studio features state-of-the-art climate control for optimal control of conditions.

1010 Ranch Road 620 South • Suite 100 • Lakeway TX 78738 • 512.263.8794 •

Balance Yoga is conveniently located in the heart of Lakeway on the SW corner of RR 620 South and Lakeway Blvd.

HOURS OF OPERATION: Our lobby is open & staffed 20 minutes before and aftter each class.  Check schedule for times on a given day. Doors are locked during class times.